The Bradford Solar project will generate clean, American-made power bringing in more revenue to the community while supporting local initiatives.

Hornet solar

Hornet Solar is a 600-megawatt solar project on 3,900 acres of privately owned land in Swisher County, Texas. This project began construction in the Fall of 2023 and could be operational as soon as January of 2025. The project will have the potential to provide taxpayers, school districts, hospitals, and the local government with reliable economic benefits for years to come. 

With Texas' all-in energy production model, every type of energy generated can help Texas remain an energy leader with a strong, reliable grid. Solar generation plays a vital role in the state's energy landscape. Harnessing the abundant sunlight allows Texas to produce solar power, contributing to the energy mix when demand for energy is high, thereby enhancing stability and reducing the opportunity for grid failure. Hornet Solar will have the capacity to power 160,000 Texas homes.

A stronger economy

A stronger economy in swisher county

Hornet Solar is projected to contribute more than $100 million in new tax revenue to Swisher County over the life of the project without raising taxes. Projected tax benefits include $61.2 million to the Tulia Independent School District, $25.7 million to Swisher County, and $11.9 million to the Swisher County Memorial Hospital. 

It is projected that Swisher County can expect tax revenue from Hornet Solar to begin once construction is complete and the project is operational.

Preserving Open Space

The beautiful open land of Pennsylvania is preserved and protected by solar. From agriculture land to the green rolling hills, rivers and creeks, clean energy protects the picturesque natural spaces we all love to look at and live in. Learn more about how Bradford Solar will help preserve this legacy of beauty by protecting the land for future generations.

The beautiful open land of Pennsylvania is preserved and protected by solar.


Support landowner rights, diversified land use, fund local schools, and long-term revenue for your community by joining your friends and neighbors in support of this project. Add your name to the growing list of community members who support the Bradford Solar project.