Bradford County will get both solar energy creation and energy storage, to ensure the community has access to clean, affordable energy night and day. Storing extra solar power generated during peak production times can then be used during peak demand. This significantly increases the overall supply of clean, affordable, renewable energy, which benefits consumers, taxpayers, and the environment.


Along with creating a more secure and reliable energy grid that supports the local economy, Hornet Solar will generate tax revenue to support the community, create more jobs, and add new long-term revenue streams for local landowners. This project will create approximately 450 new jobs during construction as well as additional long-term opportunities once operational. Local vendors and businesses will be utilized when possible, to bring even more money directly into the local economy. The construction period also brings an increase in local spending including hotels, grocery stores, restaurants, gas stations, and other vendors.

construction process

This project began construction in Fall of 2023 and is expected to be finalized by the end of 2024. Hornet Solar could be fully operational as soon as January 2025 and will then begin providing clean, renewable energy to the Texas grid. 

During the construction period, project neighbors can expect to see a temporary increase in truck traffic to and from the site, but minimal vehicle traffic can be expected once construction is complete. Road closures are possible and appropriate notice will be provided.  

Hornet Solar is committed to being a good neighbor and partner with Swisher County, and Project Manager James “JT” Trujillo will be available during business hours by phone (806-319-6456) or email ( to field construction-related questions about the project. Questions or comments about the project not related to construction may be sent to

American-Made Energy

Energy created from the Hornet Solar project will go directly onto the local electrical grid, providing the surrounding area and the State of Texas with homegrown energy. This project increases American energy independence, boosts the local economy, and creates jobs.


Hornet Solar leases include decommissioning requirements. Additionally, Hornet Solar will create an overall decommissioning plan to ensure the removal of all equipment at the end of the project’s life. Once the equipment is removed, the land can be returned to its original condition.

low impact on land

Utility-scale solar has little to no impact on the underlying land. Drainage is maintained or redesigned to allow for proper water control. Grading and compaction are minimal, and the topsoil is preserved. In addition, solar energy facilities are a great neighbor. They don’t create air pollution, odors, contaminated water, or nuisance sounds.

land use benefits

Solar projects preserve the agricultural character of the community. Solar energy projects also allow landowners to preserve their family land for future generations who may choose to return the land to ranching or to harvest the sun once the project comes to the end of its useful life. Solar power uses a limitless, renewable resource and doesn’t use water or create pollution. In Texas, this approach aligns with the water preservation efforts of the region, conserving this vital resource for future generations.

american made energy

Bradford Solar will generate homegrown, American-made power. Diversifying the grid provides for a more stable energy supply and strengthens our national security.

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