discover the power of hornet solar

A 600-megawatt solar project on over 3,800 acres of privately owned land

Located in Swisher County, Texas

Hornet Solar is a powerhouse of innovation and community impact. From powering thousands of homes to contributing significantly to the local economy, Hornet Solar is more than just a solar project—it's a beacon of sustainable progress. Dive into these fun facts and comparisons to discover the astounding scale and impact of one of the largest single-phase solar projects in the U.S.

A stronger economy

project details

600 MW

Enough to power more households than all of Ector County, TX.

1,673,325 MWh
annual energy generation

Enough to power all stadium lights for every NFL game for 270 years and offset the use of approximately 865,208 tons of coal.

3,900 acres
total project area

Hornet Solar is over four times as big as Central Park or to put it in Texas terms, if you double the size of Lake Meredith just northeast of Amarillo, it would be about the size of this project.


64.3 miles
of medium voltage AC cable

Laid end to end it would run from Tulia, TX to just north of the Lubbock airport.

20 miles
of access roads

That's one mile longer than the length from the Dallas Farmers Market to the Cowboys Football Stadium.

weather stations

Enough to provide weather data for an area larger than Big Bend National Park in Brewster County.

solar modules

If each solar module were a person, the project would be larger than the population of Dallas which has 1.288 million residents (about the population of New Hampshire).

A stronger economy


$25.7 million
to Swisher County

Throughout the 40 years of its lifespan, Hornet Solar will contribute $25.7 million to Swisher County, a contribution that could fund the purchase of about 51 fire trucks or around 514 police cars.

$5.4 million
to Lateral Road

This amount could finance the complete renovation of main street corridors in several small towns within the county.

~$12 million
to Swisher Memorial Hospital District

Contributed over 40 years, this amount could fund four state-of-the-art MRI machines.

$61 million
for Tulia Independent School District

Contributed over 40 years, this projected revenue could build two to three new elementary schools.