Solar panels harness the energy from sunlight and convert it into sustainable electricity. Utilizing a limitless and renewable resource, solar power doesn't require water or create pollution. Additionally, solar panels in this project are designed with a tracking system that follows the sun’s movements throughout the day to maximize energy production. By concentrating on solar energy, we can inject more renewable power into the local electrical grid. Maximizing the use of solar production during peak daylight hours leads to an increased supply of sustainable electricity for both families and businesses. 

A stronger economy

solar is a great neighbor

Solar energy is widely regarded as among the safest forms of utility-scale electricity generation. Solar panels are quiet, with few moving parts, and silicon-based solar panels contain no hazardous waste. Further, all utility-scale electric generation facilities are heavily regulated at the local, state, and federal level to ensure that they operate in a safe and reliable manner.

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Solar projects are carefully designed to produce as much clean energy as possible. Key considerations in the design and development process included the amount of sunlight an area typically gets, the availability of suitable land, and access to transmission lines. The layout of each project can take years to finalize and involves a team of engineers, environmental specialists, transmission experts, and development staff who engage with the local community to ensure the project is a success. We are excited to have this project’s development phase complete.

Texas is a US leader in solar energy production, alongside Nevada and California, harnessing the state's abundant sunlight. Solar energy plays a vital role in delivering a secure, reliable, modern electricity system that supports existing businesses and economic development. Texans know the value of harvesting solar energy, contributing to the state's commitment to sustainable energy.

Project Location

The proposed location is an undeveloped site east of the Sunridge Park Village community and northeast of the existing SMUD Cordova Substation. The remainder of the surrounding area to the northeast, east and southeast is undeveloped land that is part of a South Sacramento Habitat Conservation Plan (SSHCP) preserve.